Gladys @ Down To Earth Veggies in Clunes

Hi Everyone,


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Gordon Farmgate community for all your support and kind words.  Also a big thank you to the volunteers who give up so much of their time to pull it all together each week. 

Being a seasonal grower for you all I wanted to keep you in the loop as we move into winter.  The frosts have come with a vengeance, the soil is cold as ice and we still want to have nutritious, organic chem free veg!!  Unfortunately growth has slowed down in growing produce and the diversity is more limited but this is seasonal eating.  What we harvest is what we need to be eating and lots of it is high in Vit C which is so important at this time of year.  To continue supply and balancing it with growth in June we will slow down to fortnightly harvests but try not to put any restrictions on amounts.  Boxes and bags will fortnightly and we will be filling them with lots of greens, brassicas, carrots as well as veg for hearty stews and warming soups.  There is not as much variety as in summer but still amazing taste as the carrot and kale sweeten with frosts. 


So our next delivery date will be Friday June 11


We do our best to continue supply until the beginning of September when all the winter produce goes up to seed and the soil is not yet warm enough to support the growth of young seedlings (known to us as the hungry gap).  At this time we stop harvesting and are busy cleaning and prepping beds, seeding and transplanting when we can – eagerly awaiting the last frost date so we can be back to weekly harvesting.

By mid November we aim to be weekly with lots of delicious produce – even punnets of homegrown organic strawberries –  we are also hoping to open our farm this year for you to come and see how we grow your food. 

So I apologise ahead of time for the closure during Sept and Oct but we need that time too, in order to refresh the soil microbes and get them fed and ready for the growing season.  We are also incorporating vermicompost into the regime as the wonderful worms have the most diverse microbes to enhance plant nutrition.  This will be a very exciting move forward in line with our regenerative farming ethos.


Our flowers are not as affected, we are able to continue with small bouquets and the centerpiece jars over the winter but they have a more native/bulbs theme, but by spring the focal flowers are back and we even hope to add peonies to our large bouquets this year …. I can’t wait. 

Keep an eye on the Gordon Farmgate page and they will have the latest on what we are up to.  We are also trying to get up our down2earth facebook page so check it out soon.  I am so excited to be a part of this initiative and plan that the next season will continue to improve the produce we bring to you all.  Look after yourselves, eat well and strengthen those immune systems, we need them now more than ever before. 

Many thanks and warmest regards