Yes we are. We are a registered Incorporation with Consumer Affairs Victoria, run 100% by volunteers. 


Most products we sell do have a small margin on it. This is to allow the Gordon FarmGate to cover its overhead costs such as insurance, software subscriptions, internet, maintenance, etc. 


As it is early days of the project, any profits made initially will be reinvested back into Gordon FarmGate to support its growth. 


Once established, surplus profits will be reinvested back into the communities within the 60km radius of Gordon.   


If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it would be the importance of local food security. When the big chain supermarkets couldn’t fill their shelves and imports from overseas all but stopped, we turned to our local providers to get us through. 


Food security, as defined by the United Nations’ Committee on World Food Security, means that all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy life


We discovered that alot of local producers send their product directly to Melbourne, by-passing the towns and their people where it is grown. We want to reduce the food miles for the food on your table, create better access to nutritious, local food and contribute towards a more active and healthy through good food and volunteering.  

The term refers to the broad spectrum of growers who are somewhere in between the backyard gardener and the full scale commercial farmer. There is no minimum size of land or variety of produce. A producer can specialise in one or two crops or have a full range. Producers can even be a group of neighbours pitching together and growing on a shared plot. The purpose of the Gordon FarmGate using producers is to promote local food production and consumption, contributing towards the security of Moorabool, Ballarat, Golden Plains and Hepburn regions as our states food bowl and boosting our local economy. 

Although our preference is to have all of our produce grown using organic principles, we do not require external certification. Our key focus is transparency and giving our customers the information they need to make informed choices about the food that they purchase while promoting local production.

Click here on our Application Form to register your interest to become a producer. 

We would still love your produce! As long as the produce is of high quality and meets all the packaging requirements then we will be happy to accept it. 


To receive payment, the ATO requires you to provide Gordon FarmGate with a completed Statement by a supplier

We need all kinds of skilled volunteers including admin, tech, customer and food handling experience. Click here to get involved.

Sure can! We are more than happy to take your excess fruit and vegetables as long as they are fresh, good quality, uncooked and whole (not processed or cut up). Please contact us if you have excess fruit or vegetables before bringing them to the store.

For fruit and vegetables, we have been advised by Moorabool Council that as long as they have not been cooked, cut-up or changed from how mother nature intended then you do not need to be certified for food handling. 


For all other food products, check out “food-business-management-guide-jan-2019-PDF to learn more on what’s involved in running a food business.

Once you are registered as one of our producers in the database you can start selling on Gordon FarmGate. Although we may contact you occasionally to estimate long term availability, it is your responsibility to contact Gordon FarmGate.  

The following table outlines cut off, delivery and pick up times for the week. 

Action By


Action Taken


Tuesday 5pm

Where applicable, Producers provide product list of goods available inc wholesale and retail pricing for purchases over the next 14 days.

Gordon Farmgate

Tuesday 5pm

Website is updated to reflect product availability for next click and collect day (the following Saturday) 


Tuesday 5pm 

Customer Sales close for the last 7 days


Tuesday Evenings

Producers notified by email of sales for the week and are to commence preparation for delivery.


Thursdays/Fridays 9-5pm, Saturday before 10am

Products delivered by producers

Gordon Farmgate

Saturdays before 10am

Products packed for customer pickup


Saturday 10am –12pm

Customer pickup.

We expect our producers to be open and transparent about their growing methods and inputs. We expect a high quality of produce that has retail marketability – Gordon FarmGate reserves the right to refuse any produce of inferior quality. We expect a completed invoice to accompany all deliveries (including business, name, ABN, contact info, date, quantity and agreed price). For those who are GST registered, your invoice must include the words “tax invoice”, your company’s GST number, and a statement that GST is included.  

Accounts will be settled monthly based on weekly invoices. Direct credits will be sent to you via internet banking at the end of every month. 


Please note: cash and cheques will not be available as a payment method.

We aim to assist growers overcome some of the obstacles that small scale producers face such as business set up. We can also connect you with other growers for information and inspiration. Finally, we promise to pay a fair market price for all goods.